Take a Seat - Spruce Cones

€ 25000,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons, breedte 60 x hoogte 115 cm


Categories: All sculptures, Marijke A. Deege, Miscellaneous, Bronze


€30.000 (inc.6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marijke A.Deege, bronze, unique, 115 x 50 cm Don't spruce cones have a lovely shape! Around the woody inside of the cone, the spirals of scales, containing the seeds, twist upwards. You can follow these spirals on the outside easily with your finger. It is how the flowers were attached to the stem. I decided to remove the front part as far as the core and to level the bottom part to seat height. And so 'a throne' was created.                                          So I made a second and had it cast in bronze.                                           The result is a functional artwork, and anyone who sits on one of the spruce cones will be pleasantly surprised by the comfortable seating position. The moulded seat is ideal for a large area of decking, a garden of park.  

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