Private Gallery

Visiting the Studio

Many art lovers, buyers and customers have discovered the studio. This is the place from which our artworks fan out through the Netherlands and beyond its borders. The studio contains a large collection of sculptures, each one with its own tale to tell. Feel free to come and look at the various pieces. I would be happy to show you around if you wish to purchase or hire an artwork.


I offer master classes spanning 6 sessions in the studio to students of fine arts, sculpture clubs or, indeed, anyone who has experience in working with wax and clay. A master class can go ahead with the participation of between 3 and 6 people, lasts approximately two and a half hours per session, is held one evening per week and starts, if there is sufficient uptake, in January 2017. Subjects covered will include clay portraits and other modelling.
The cost for a master class is €500 per person, including the fee for the subject/model and modelling clay, but excluding 6% VAT.

Call +31(0)183-562093 or send an e-mail message subject: Masterclasses with ‘Master classes’ in the subject line.


Down the years I have given lectures and presentations about working as a freelance artist and the parallels that can be drawn with business to various service clubs, business clubs and companies.

If you would like to give your programme a cultural flavour, then call +31(0)183-562093 or send an e-mail message with ‘Lezingen’ (lectures) in the subject line.

Verhuur atelier

Perhaps you’re having a brainstorming session, a corporate presentation or an informal gathering and you’re looking for an ‘unconventional’ space? The studio is available for use by a group of up to 25 people. If the weather permits, the sizeable area of decking and sculpture garden are also available.

I would be happy to tell you something about the place and my work as an artist by way of inspiration. Catering on site is also available as an option.

Studio hire per 3-hour morning or afternoon session, €250. Price per person €10. Catering – various options subject to requirements.
Lecture €250.

Call +31(0)183-562093 or send an e-mail message with ‘Verhuur atelier’ (studio hire) in the subject line.