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Background, vision and approach

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Many art lovers have already discovered the Unique Sculptures studio and sculpture garden. They were able to sample something of the atmosphere, marvel at the large collection of bronzes and hear the stories behind the pieces. If you are looking for an artwork or are entertaining the idea of commissioning a sculpture or statue, feel free to make an appointment to visit the studio and the sculpture garden.

Let your heart do the talking

Each artwork was created when we were inspired or moved by the subject, or when we made an emotional ‘connection’ with it. Each piece is a reflection of knowledge, skills and emotions. The meaning of an artwork, however, is much more a case of how the viewer interacts with it. If the artwork in question resonates with the viewer, sparking feelings of joy, sorrow, eroticism, anger or fury, then, at that point in time it has had the beneficial effect that makes art worthwhile.

“Sculptures have an effect on people. They tell a story. And stories can make people stop and think” – Marijke A. Deege

An artistic couple

Love, art and passion were the common thread in our lives as an artistic couple. Marcus’ death on 19 April 2003 brought an end to that harmonious, intense and enriching life. I look back fondly on the life that we enjoyed so thoroughly. After his death I carried on alone, conveying my enthusiasm and view on life in sculptures and books.

Anatomical Expressiveness

The wide anatomical knowledge and a love of both people and animals is ‘not just’ a reflection of visible reality in Marcus’ works. As far as he was concerned anatomical detail was an important part of the expression of beauty. He was able to convey movement in his sculptures, whether he was working with bronze or stone. His deep respect for life gives his pieces great expressiveness.

Stimulating questions

I want to stir up questions in viewers of my work, or to induce a smile with humour. Indeed, I like to express ideas at a deeper level that make the viewer think and examine how he or she relates to the work. Rhythm and movement have an important role to play in my work; they convey the intimate relationship between craft, creativity and freedom of expression.

Creative Inspiration

Both Marcus and I discovered (independently of each other) at an early age that we could give shape to the creations of our imagination, free from constraints imposed by society. Marcus, who was always making something or other out of clay, attempted from his earliest days to create sculptures of the things that never ceased to inspire him: people, animals and nature. I, for my part, wanted to express from the start the emotions of people and animals with my youthful soul, and did that with drawings, dance and play. At a later date, drawing made way for sculpting.

Virtual Potter's Wheel

When I get an idea for a sculpture, I turn the thought around a few times in my mind, spin it this way and that on my virtual potter’s wheel, take a bit away or add a bit, often make a model in wax or clay to get my thoughts in order and ultimately embrace my idea or… throw it away. I always ‘think in terms of images’.


Sculpture is an art. In addition to inspiration as a creative force I find it important to have a command of the technique, knowledge of the materials and of the tools. In the studio and the sculpture garden you can find works in terracotta, stone, wood and bronze. These materials are personalities that won’t give up without a fight. Each material has particular properties and demands a specific approach.

“Art is not something you can learn; having said that, an artwork can only succeed if the artist knows what he’s doing.” – Marcus Ravenswaaij

Marijke A. Deege


My commissions and other work are populated with very diverse subjects, both figurative and abstract. Experience, dedication, tenacity and mastery of the basic materials determine the standard of my sculptures. When working on a sculpture I never settle for mediocrity. I want the ultimate result to surprise me, and give the viewer the idea that the head, heart and hands are all in tune in my artworks.

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Marcus Ravenswaaij


Marcus’s works clearly demonstrate his skill and love for the material used in each piece. He had wide-ranging specialist knowledge. Art and craftsmanship were indivisible as far as he was concerned. Without craftsmanship there could be no art, in his opinion.

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