€ 7500,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons, levensgrote kauwtjes


Categories: All sculptures, Marijke A. Deege, Animal & Nature, Bronze


€6.000 (inc. 6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marijke A. Deege, bronze, wax model, series/3 Two jackdaws. The male is clearly displaying his affection for the female. He intends to mate with her. Birds of this intelligent species (a member of the crow family) live in groups. These groups have a complex social structure with a pecking order and intrigues, and 'lovebirds’ can always be recognised when they are foraging. Jackdaws are monogamous, pairs being nigh on inseparable. Jackdaws are resident all year round in the Netherlands; they are omnivorous, resourceful and adaptable. It is a protected indigenous species.

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