High need

€ 6000,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons, levensgroot, serie /6, 6e ex. in stock


Categories: All sculptures, Marijke A. Deege, Animal & Nature, Loaning sculptures, Bronze


€ 6.000 (inc. 6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marijke A. Deege, bronze, last of a series, life-size I like a laugh, so why shouldn't I give a nod to my sense of humour in my sculptures every now and then? The dog knows that he's in the wrong, which is why he looks so guilty: ‘Can't you see, I really need to go!’ This artwork is so true to life that cats would rather give it a wide berth, and dogs bark at it and want to sniff it. An artwork for display outdoors, perhaps in a spot where people wouldn't be expecting it.

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