In Sync out of Sync

€ 6250,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons met natuurstenen ballen, lengte 60 x hoogte 30 cm


Categories: All sculptures, Marijke A. Deege, People, Loaning sculptures, Bronze, Natural stone


€ 6.250 (inc. 6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marijke A. Deege, bronze/granite, unique, 60 x 30 cm Three dancers dance with military precision, each holding a ball. And yet a ball is a plaything. They aren't doing anything with the balls. Is this because they're being so obedient? Do they not dare to be creative? That's what it looks like. The fourth man is so different; he has the courage to be 'out of step’ with the others, as if he were saying: 'Play with that ball, do something with it! That's what it’s for!' The dancers are in bronze, the balls in granite. I consciously gave the 'disobedient’ dancer a red granite ball.

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