Hugo de Groot in the bookcase

€ 2850,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons, lengte 22/44 ( met opengeklapt deksel) x breedte 16 cm


Categories: All sculptures, Marcus Ravenswaaij, People, Bronze


€2.850 (inc. 6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marcus Ravenswaaij, bronze relief, series/3, 47 x 54 cm How many times did he get into the chest of books to practise his daring escape? It would have been impossible to get comfortable, but fear of being discovered if he made the slightest noise would have helped Hugo de Groot to get through his ordeal. His head rested on the New Testament. He must have been able to sense some relief once he could tell he was on the boat taking him to Gorinchem. The chest, plus escaped occupant, was taken to the home of his friend Daatselaer. When the lid of the chest was opened, Hugo de Groot was no doubt wary of whose face might greet him. In this sculpture, Marcus has depicted an extraordinary chest with an extraordinary cargo. Both halves of the lid are hinged, and can thus open and close.

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