€ 3750,- (incl. 9% vat)

brons, serie/3, 2e ex. in stock, hoogte ca. 45 cm


Categories: All sculptures, Marijke A. Deege, Nudes, Bronze


€3.750 (inc. 6% VAT, exc. transport etc.) Marijke A. Deege, bronze, series/3, halflife size For a while my work seemed to be filled with sunflowers, as in this sculpture. The woman wearing high heels, with a sunflower as her hat, while behind her back she holds the stalk and leaf of the sunflower. I have sold the first bronze, but I have a wax model in stock, so can cast a second piece. Such a second casting is never a precise replica. I spend a lot of time on each wax model and aim to achieve as close a likeness to the original as possible. In other words, each new piece has my undivided attention and touch. The only difference is that the price is less than it would be for a unique piece.

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